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So they say it's your birthday ...

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes (and in some cases birthday gifts), f-list! They really made me smile, and contributed to this being a pretty amazing day! (Now if only my hockey team would pony up with their gift, in the form of a WIN! Hehe.) I have such awesome friends, and I love all of you to bits. *group hug*

Since the gifts from my family were mainly fandom-related, I decided to post the majority of my squeeing here. (Although I'll probably make a similar-ish post in my personal journal later.) The big thing, of course, the thing about which some of you will already have heard due to random squeesplosions from me on your birthday greeting posts, is the new Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia. Guys, this monster is worth every PENNY, trust me. The three volumes come in a beautiful slipcase, and though they're heavy as heck, they contain pretty much anything you'd ever want to know about the SW universe. I'm leafing through Volume A while typing this post, and of course one of the very first things I did was to go check out the entry on my Girlfriend Padmé. ;) It's well-written and complete, and there are some lovely glossy photos. I HIGHLY recommend the encylopedia to anyone who calls themselves a SW fan. It costs a bank, so if possible you should try and ask for it for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/the Second Coming of the Flying Spaghetti Monster/whatever winter-ish holiday you personally happen to celebrate. But seriously, great reference. Yes, there's Wookieepedia, but that's not always accurate, and there's really nothing quite like leafing through a heavy volume.

My other fandom-related gift is the Star Wars Fandex. Sort of hard to explain exactly what that one is, but basically it consists of a series of thick, glossy bookmark-like cards with information about different SW characters, planets and equipment. If any of you remember those sets of cards that had questions about different topics (the United States, American presidents, Canada, animals - I think they were called Brain Teasers or something, but I can't remember exactly), you'll have an idea of what the Fandex looks like. Kind of offbeat, but really fun at the same time.

As I mentioned, I got some awesome stuff from friends too! The icon I'm using in this post was made especially for me by my birthday twin own_the_sky, and it comes from this larger manip:

Isn't it lovely???? :D I shrieked so loudly when I saw it, I scared my mom's cat. Hehe. You're amazing, Liz (yay name-sharing), and I love you! And of course - happy birthday to you too! *hugs*

Katie has also promised she's making something special for me, so I'll have to see about that when I get online tonight. :D

Overall I had a great birthday, despite the fairly minor blip that the Sens are once again doing shitty. The first BSG Webisode was released too - I won't say much uncut, but I do so love Gaeta. *hugs him*

And now I'm 23 ... guess I'll have to start calling myself an adult soon, huh? ;)
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