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Header squee and fandom wishlist

*squeebounce* Look what my best friend gave me!!

Okay, it's a new header for my journal, so you'll have to go to amidala_thrace to see it. But WOW, it is made of AWESOME!!! All my OTPs, plus minor ships, plus my girlfriends, plus TIS references all in one!! Katie is the most amazing person EVER, you heard it here first. :D :D :D

And just so this isn't another pointless squee!post, here'a a fandom wishlist meme stolen from firestar28. I had been planning on doing the general wishlist one, but this one's fandom-specific, so it's better for this journal.

Fandom Christmas Wishlist
1. Make a list of ten fandom requests (fic/videos/graphics/mixes, etc.) instead of gifts.
2. Post to your journal.
3. Friends read, comment, and possibly fill.
4. Friends, repeat in your own journal. It's fun to spread around the holiday cheer and the gift of giving!

1. This is going to sound really crazy, but I would LOVE an icon featuring both Padmé and Kara, and the words "Liz's Girls" somewhere on it. I don't really care about formatting or screencaps used, per se (although I can definitely provide caps if asked), I just want the icon, and my fledgling Photoshop skills aren't quite advanced enough to do it on my own.

2. A header for my writing community. Again, Photoshop skills = not as advanced as they need to be, heh. Any combination or number of my major OTPs (Obi-Wan/Padmé, Anakin/Padmé, Lee/Kara and Sam/Kara, just for the record) is awesome and appreciated.

3. Obi-Wan/Padmé smut. Well, of course! ;) This would be in the form of fic, obviously (although if you can manage to put it into an icon, more power to you!).

4. Lee/Kara smut. Ahem, ditto. :D

5. And of course, the secondary OTPs need some love as well! Anakin/Padmé fic, Anakin/Obi-Wan fic and Sam/Kara fic will also be met with my eternal gratitude.

6. Padmé icons and Kara icons. Yes, all my icon spaces are filled, but I can never have enough of the Girlfriends. ;)

7. And speaking of icons ... I need icons of this poster, stat. Yowwwwza!

8. BSG prompts. My BSG muse has lately gone AWOL, and though I have an idea for a Lee/Kara New Caprica fic bouncing around my brain (which I will eventually write, jeebs83!), not to mention trying to finish the Sam/Kara thing I started back in like, April, otherwise it's been a looooong dry spell as far as fic for that fandom is concerned. So, throw some prompts at me! Lee/Kara and Sam/Kara preferred, obviously, but I'm not necessarily averse to trying my hand at Adama/Roslin or [insert your favourite ship here]. The only thing I categorically will not write (or read, for that matter) is Leoben/Kara. I have issues with that ship, mainly stemming from personal/real life stuff, and so I tend to stay pretty far away from it. Anything else is fair game, though, so feel free to throw it at me! Pairing and prompt, if you please, and I'll see what I can do. :)

9. Icons with my username on them. I'm not bad at text, per se, but I know that there are some very talented icon makers on my f-list and I'd love just a simple icon, perhaps with a bit of colouring or shading, and my username on it. Preferences run to Padmé and Kara, of course, but I'm not picky.

10. Um. I can't think of a tenth thing! >.> I guess what I want is for all you guys to post your lists, so I can try my hand at some giving of my own! I feel pretty greedy putting all of this up, if truth be told, and so I'd love to toss some presents at you guys. :)

In other news, I'm working on a sort-of dilemma involving my personal journal and fandom journal and what to do about the fact that I don't reeeeally like having all the multiple accounts, but whatever. I haven't decided anything yet, so we'll see.
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