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Webisode Squee, Recs Journal and my Crazy Happy

Seems like I've been using the word "squee" a lot in my titles lately. Maybe because there's a lot of stuff making me happy? I guess in some ways that's true - my icontests are doing well, I've got a plan in place for starting up obidalastills again, my muse is chugging along, I just put the finishing touches on another TIS chapter, I've got a ton of new friends (*waves* Hey guys!), BSG has reentered my life with the webisodes and the premiere of S4.5 on January 16th, and I'm on my way to solving my LJ problem.

Plus the fact that things are starting to wind down for the holidays - at work, the final submission deadline for our holiday issue is tomorrow, which will remove a metric shitton of my stress, and school is over for another semester so I have a lot more "me time" (which, if you hang around me for long enough, you will learn that I treasure). The last couple days I've woken up with this huge smile on my face, a la Kara in my icon. Boyfriend says it's actually kind of nauseating, but cute. Hehe. And it's the holiday season, and despite the busyness I love this time of year.

Anyway! Liz's Ridiculous Happy Sunshine of Optimism is so not the point of this post. Last night I had planned to talk about the webisodes but found myself too tired to do so; therefore you should consider this the Official Webisode Squee Post. Some general bullet-pointed notes are under the cut. (I love bullet points. Yes, yes I do.) SPOILERS for the aired Webisodes so far, obviously, so if you haven't seen them yet, DON'T CLICK.

- GAETA!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really excited that he's basically the focus of the webisodes, because I've always liked him as a character. Gaeta/Baltar is one of the M/M BSG pairings that I ship, although perhaps not as obsessively as het and femslash pairings involving my Girlfriend. Hey, it's a compulsion, I can't help myself. ;) Anyway, it's cool that the focus is entirely on Gaeta for once, and even cooler that he gets a little storyline of his own. I'm kind of worried about what's going to actually happen to him in that storyline, though, because the initial signs don't look all that good. Poor Gaeta, he doesn't need any more shit happening to him. *hugs him*

- GAETA/HOSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeeeeee* *bounce* *hops* ... Ahem. Okay, I'm done now. ;) But really, how could Felix be with anyone else except Baltar and maybe Sam? The onscreen kiss! And Hoshi looking all worried because Felix isn't back yet! And Hoshi telling Tigh, who basically didn't react at all! And Hoshi wanting to go after Felix and rescue him! They're so cute, I just want to smish them. :D

- Gaeta's leg. Aww. *hugs him again* Going along with the focus on his storyline, I like how they're showing him coping with the amputation and the difficulties arising from it. I mean, it's awful that he has to go through that, and it's painful to watch, and I want to grab him and hug him and pet him and smish him and call him George, but how many shows would just sort of magically cure such a character and/or pretend nothing happened to him? That's one more thing that makes BSG realistic, believable and awesome, and I can even handwave some of the messier biological/medical stuff because of it (Sam's miraculous healing, the deus ex machina with Hera and Laura, etc). I love my show.

- One thing I'm a little confused about is the timeline of the webisodes. Obviously they're supposed to take place after Revelations, but I feel like there's certain details and things we need to know missing. Why is the Fleet no longer orbiting Earth? Have they given it up as a bad job and jumped somewhere else, or did the Cavil Cylons catch up with them and make them leave? Either way, where are they? Were they expecting the Cavil Cylons to show up because they've shown up before, or because they're just expecting them? So many questions, which come to think of it is probably supposed to add to the mystery.

- Tigh is back in CIC! If that's where that was, anyway. It looked too ... bright. I'll have to rewatch the first one again. But either way, this seems like a sign that the blanket forgiveness thing enacted by Lee is still in effect. We'll have to see how that plays out over S4.5 - methinks it isn't going to be too smooth a transition.

- I giggled at the Sharon who kept making goo-goo eyes at Gaeta. Doesn't she know he's already taken? ;)

- So let me see if I've got this straight. There was a false alarm sounded, the Fleet jumped away (including Gaeta's Raptor), but the jump coordinates for the Raptor got corrupted and they didn't wind up in the right place? And now the computer has to recalculate the coordinates, but it's going to take a long time and meanwhile, they're running out of air. I think that's how it goes. I'm going to have to rewatch the second webisode, though, because I was multitasking at the time and didn't quite catch everything.

- Again, I'm worried about Gaeta. The scenes in the first webisode with him poking/cutting himself, and then his hands completely covered in blood, were freaky. Poor guy. :(

- I can't wait for the next one! ;)

As for my LJ issue, I'm thinking what I'll probably do is begin to move some personal stuff over here, friends-locked of course, on a gradual basis until I'm using only this account. It seems like a logical thing to do given that most of the communities I moderate are linked with this journal, and it would be a pain in the neck to transfer them all. So, I hope you guys won't mind getting a little more of me than maybe you bargained for. Not like that, you pervs. XD Heh.

Last but not least, I want to thank callmeonetrack for tipping me off to the existence of caprican_dame, a recs journal for Lee/Kara fic! I highly recommend L/K fans head on over there - there's some oldies-but-goodies listed, but also some new and awesome stuff that I hadn't seen before. Each fic comes with a link and a description of why it deserves to be read, and there are tags for different kinds of L/K stories (happy, sad, angsty, kinky, etc.). I've had a lot of fun rereading my favourites, not to mention discovering new fics! (And HEE, I just checked it and two of my fics got recced today! :D But seriously, I'm NOT just recommending it because of that. I meant to put it in last night's post, but ended up forgetting. Head on over there, guys! You'll have a ball.)
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