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Liz vs. the Plotbunnies, Round 5073

Uh, WOW. Has anyone invented, like, Raid for plotbunnies yet? (Get rid of your plotbunnies the fast and easy way!) I could really use some right now, because at this point I'm afraid I'll be up all night writing fanfic if the damn things don't vamoose in a hurry. >.>

And yes, part of it is my own fault since I had a (relatively) free evening and decided to spend it looking for Kara/Lee smut to read, but I certainly wasn't expecting this. Frakking things. I haven't had an infestation this bad since last May when school finished and I was on vacation from work, and we all know how that ended. Y HALO THAR 23,000 WORD MONSTROSITY THAT ENTIRELY DEVOURED MY BRAIN. If Liz!muse births yet another longfic project - and okay, The Sound of One Hand Clapping wasn't long the way, say, TIS is long, BUT STILL - I think I will scream.

Luckily it's still churning out shortfic ideas at the moment, and it really really really really wants me to work on the New Caprica thing I keep promising jeebs83. So I'm guessing that will probably be my next project where BSG is concerned. Brain is also poking me about potentially writing another fic set in the same universe/timeline as The Sound of One Hand Clapping, though that would absolutely be a shortfic and would probably be more devoted to exploring how things might change during Season 4. I don't know. WE'LL SEE, BRAIN.

And then of course there is TIS. Poor, poor TIS, which is now afraid that it'll get abandoned for BSG like it did last May. I don't think that will happen, or at least I'm hoping not. Strangely I still feel as much of a compulsion to work on it as I do to tackle the BSG bunnies, which is ... awkward. Rather like listening to a group of squabbling children, actually.

The daily_snitch update was surprisingly light tonight, although I suppose that should be a given since the Sunday editor seems to have returned. We shall see. It gave me more time to wrestle with plotbunnies, in any case.

Also also, Team Canada won again at the World Juniors, which is awesome, and my own personal hockey team still sucks donkey balls, which is ... not. Ah well. I tell myself that if I could get through the four straight playoff defeats to Toronto, I can get through anything, and that's probably true. Heh. ;)
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