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Okay, so basically I'm posting for the sole purpose of showing off this LOVELY icon own_the_sky made for me. Heh. But seriously, YAY for the Girlfriends finally being represented together in a userpic!! (There you go, Katie - 100x100 validation of the nickname you first gave Padmé and Kara. Hehehehe.) own_the_sky also made another one just like this, but with different pictures, so of course I had to upload it too. XD

Also, for once my hockey team is kinda-sorta not sucking! Which rocks, and I'm planning to enjoy it for as long as I can. Knowing the Sens' propensity for blowing leads, that may last approximately five minutes, but meh. I'm easily satisfied these days. ;) Yay to Brian Lee, who got his first NHL goal tonight!

On the writing front, I managed to beat back the BSG bunnies long enough to start editing the fic I owe Anakin/Obi-Wan shippers, and I'm hoping it'll be ready to post by tomorrow. If not, gizzi1213, please feel free to shoot me. Bwah. :D

Also also, I need a Girlfriends tag. *creates* There we go!
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