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You've got questions? We've got answers! (hopefully)

Afternoon, f-list! How the heck are ya?

I myself am bored (of course) and it needs to be 10:00 RFN!!!!! I'm surprised I haven't posted before now, actually, but I've been watching BSG all morning on Space's marathon - they're calling it Battlestar Galactica Day, which is SO cool - and now that we're through the first two episodes featuring Girlfriend and Lee and Other Assorted Awesomeness, I'm starting to multitask a little bit. Which means you guys get spammed. ;) I'll try to make it interesting spam though, I promise!

Katie and I were talking last night about all the questions we want to see answered in S4.5, and we ended up making a kind of list over IM, heh. No spoilers, not even for the 4.5 promos. :)

- Who is the fifth Cylon?
- What are the differences between the Dylan Four and regular Cylons? Why can they, for instance, procreate?
- What happened to Earth?
- Corollary: did Kara really see Earth, or was it some kind of illusion?
- Who (or what) is Kara? Is she Aurora, as some have claimed, or is she a Cylon?
- Who will Kara end up with: Lee or Sam?
- Will Bill and Laura get it on?
- Who (or what) is Head!Six?
- What's with the Viper and its weird connections to the Dylan Four and to Earth?
- What will the Fleet do now that Earth has apparently been nuked?
- Are there areas of Earth that are still inhabitable?
- What is "the truth of the Opera House"?
- What's the significance of Leoben as Kara's guide in "Maelstrom"?
- What will Baltar's eventual role be?
- Will "all of this has happened before and all of it will happen again" have a real significance and/or be explained?
- Is Tory really evil?
- Cylon programming: when and how does it kick in, and why?
- Somehow the Dylan Four survived not only the initial genocide, but the events of New Caprica and everything else they've been through since the start of the show - how? Are we expected to believe this is a coincidence or is there some higher power at work?
- At the end of "Revelations," is that the Brooklyn Bridge we see in the wreckage?
- How does Kara react to the knowledge that Sam is a Cylon? (And like, really react, not just the little stuff we saw in "Revelations," either.)
- Where did the skinjobs come from and how were they created?
- Where are the Cavil Cylons?
- What happened to Boomer?
- Will Laura die, or will she see the end of the show?
- Can the Hybrids tell the future?
- What lies in store for Hera and Nicky, who are (so far) the show's only Cylon-human hybrids?

There's probably others I'm forgetting, but those are the ones I've copied from our convo last night. Feel free to add others in the comments if you think of them!

(And yeah, this totally won't be the last post from me today. Haha.)
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