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4x11: Sometimes A Great Notion


There was just so DAMNED MUCH in this episode ... I'm going to try and talk about everything I can remember but I'm probably leaving about five billion things out so bear with me, okay?

- Kara. MY GIRLFRIEND. Oh wow. My heart broke for her several times in this one, and I have so many more questions about exactly who she is and what her destiny might be. Obviously she made it to Earth, the real Earth, and then what? Did she get caught in the nuclear apocalypse? If that's the case then obviously the mandala must have transported her back in time, but why? For what purpose? Has she been turned into the goddess Aurora, as some surmise? One of my pet theories is that her arrival somehow triggered the nuclear war, because one country thought another was attacking it with some unknown weapon. Either way, how crazy would it be to find your own charred corpse 2,000 years after "you" were killed? And Leoben backing away from her after she told him about the Hybrid's prediction ... to be honest, I really hated him in that moment. Here he's been going on and on about this destiny she has and pushing her to accept it, and she tells him about the results of HIS PRODDING and then he gets freaked out and walks away? SHEESH. Anyway, I loved her in this episode, as I always do, and I want more Girlfriend!!

- The Fifth Cylon. Is it really Ellen? I'm inclined to think so, but I'm puzzled at the same time. It's so weird that they would reveal it this early - or maybe RDM's bullshitting us again? - but it makes a bizarre kind of sense. Andrew's pet theory is now "Ellen is Caprica Six" which I could quite honestly believe given the right evidence. It would certainly explain Tigh's weird fascination with Caprica in the early parts of S4, not to mention why Ellen was juxtaposed with Caprica during the interrogation in the brig. However, that raises a whole new set of questions. What was the metal Tigh found? A piece of the filing cabinet in what looked like an office? What did Ellen mean by "Everything is in place"? The plans for their survival, indicating they knew about this in advance? And how did they survive? Some downloading process? Speaking of which ...

- Earth's origins. The facts: Earth was nuked over 2,000 years ago and the devastation is planet-wide. The Thirteenth Tribe were Cylons. And they apparently had Centurions to do their dirty work too? Again, it all makes sense, sort of. If the Dylan Four somehow had prior knowledge of the holocaust, maybe they developed plans to try and preserve at least a little of humanity (or Cylon-anity, I suppose). And maybe Sam composed the song in order to leave a message for them and activate them. I just ... yeah. Wow. Liz's Brain: *breaks*

- Dee! I did NOT see that one coming, believe me, and that scene almost made me feel bad for all the fake retching noises I made during her date with Lee. Heh. But it honestly didn't seem as sudden to me as it might to other people, maybe because I understand/have experienced some of the psychology behind an action like that. I think by focusing the action in one specific character, it really brings home to us how much Earth represented hope to the people of the Fleet and, now that this hope has been taken away, the fact that they feel they don't have anything to live for. I will miss her. I honestly will. I respected her as a character; what I didn't respect was how the writers handled the Lee/Dee relationship and in some cases Dee herself. I believe it could have been much better, since she had a lot of potential and it just seemed to go to waste.

- Mom and Dad. Laura seems to have completely lost hope; that scene where she burns Pythia's scrolls was devastating. Not only for the audience but for Bill himself, who by his own admission has looked to her as a source of strength. Now that strength seems to be gone, and I understand why he reacted the way he did. EJO and MM continue to PWN.

- D'Anna is staying behind! Will her fellow Cylons support her decision, or will there be other splinter groups? Will the Cavil Cylons return? Is there some reason D'Anna feels compelled to stay on Earth? Does she know Ellen's been killed and if so, what does she think?

- My theories on where everything goes from here: I'm going on record as saying that I think there will be some sort of time travel involved in this show's resolution. I'm not sure how, or why, but that seems like what things are building up to. The Dylan Four may possibly be the keys to this. Lee said in Revelations that "All of this has happened before, but it doesn't have to happen again." This may mean that certain people or groups will be breaking with a millenia-old tradition and attempting to set things right. That might mean stopping the nuclear holocaust on Earth, and that would logically mean going back in time.

- Scary thought: are we all Cylons? Is our artificial intelligence on its way to rebelling against us? I've read some crazy real-life theories that we are all living in a computer simulation, sort of like one gigantic Sims game. Has RDM breached the fourth wall? Eh, probably not, but it's interesting to consider nonetheless.

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