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4x12: A Disquiet Follows My Soul

Not quite as overwhelming as last week, by my estimation, but still pretty awesome. Let's discuss, BSG f-listers!

Once again I'm going to bullet-point stuff as I think of it, and nothing is in order. Heh.

- Looks like there's going to be a revolution, meep! It's so ... interesting, I guess, because once again BSG is forcing us to look at all points of view and to conclude that no one is really wrong. Everyone has a valid viewpoint and a set of valid concerns; it's just that unfortunately a lot of those concerns happen to be at cross-purposes right now. Based on the webisodes I can see why Gaeta would be so suspicious of the Cylon alliance, and Zarek is right that it's never good to sacrifice democratic principles in favour of supposedly higher ideals. But Adama, too, has a point that ought not to be ignored: they're in a tough situation right now and in order to get through it, they need to pull together and set aside their hatred of the Cylons for the betterment of humanity. Cylon technology will give them more efficient jump drives, which will in turn allow them to possibly find a habitable planet that much quicker and before Cavil's forces show up. But from an outside perspective, I can easily see how it might look to Zarek as though Adama and Roslin are once again using their positions of power to trample over the wants of the populace while ignoring their very real objections. And, unfortunately, it seems as though this particular debate is beyond the point of being held civilly. Something's got to give, and it looks like it might next week.

- Talking of Adama and Roslin, I'm betting some shippers will be happy! ;) A/R is not my OTP, but I do love them in a smishy kind of way, and tonight's eppy was cute for that. *grins* My muse wants me to write a missing-scene kind of thing with them in bed at the end, which would probably be entirely PWP. Heh. I loved the more serious parts of their relationship too, though, and I can see why Laura at this point would just want a break. After working and working and working for so long to achieve a goal that is now rather empty, she's sure to be reexamining her life and her purpose. We now know that this life will definitely include Bill, however, which rocks. :D

- Kara. Oh, Girlfriend. I just want to hug you and pet you and squeeze you and smish you and call you George. You're going through such a tough time right now and, as always, there are no easy answers. Someone on battlestar_blog brought up the fact that an easy way to tell if Kara's consciousness has been transferred into a new body would be to simply test her and see if she has both ovaries. Those paying attention will recall that one was removed in "The Farm" (or at least, that's what we were led to believe), and so we'll know something fishy's going on if both are intact. Katie mentioned too that Kara probably isn't a Cylon for the simple fact that she's still sporting her wedding tattoo. If she was a Cylon, presumably her copies would have been made before the attacks on the Twelve Colonies and therefore before her wedding, so those copies wouldn't have the tattoo. (Unless new copies were made, but somehow I doubt it.)

- Kara and Felix. I can see why there'd be some enmity there. Poor Felix is screaming into the wind trying to get someone to listen to him, no one is, and he's suspicious and afraid of anyone who associated cordially with Cylons before the alliance. I'll admit I cringed a little at the "gimp" and "cripple" remarks, but I can handwave them as symptoms of Kara's state of mind and due to the fact that Felix said some pretty rude things to her, too. Nobody trusts each other nowadays, heh.

- Kara's feelings about Sam. (Yes, my Girlfriend is so awesome she gets THREE bullet points!!) I sense they'll soon be dealt with, or at least brought into a little sharper context. We saw them during the big reveal of Sam's Cylon-icity and their meeting in the memorial hall at the end of Revelations (about which I wrote a very porny fic way back when) but other than that we've gotten ... well, diddly-squat. Kara must have some kind of reaction to Sam being a Cylon, and if I were her I think I'd be pretty terrified. I'd also be asking myself why the Cylons seem to have so much interest in me, to the extent that I've been paired with one romantically and one stalker-ishly. She's surely asking herself some of the same questions Felix raised. Why did I fall in love with a Cylon? I hate the Cylons, but I love Sam - or did - so where does that leave my loyalties? What WAS Sam doing on Caprica? Was he really working with the Resistance? Et cetera. I hope RDM & Co revisit this thread soon.

- Cally, Chief and Hot Dog. I definitely did not see that one coming! I've always been a little ... I don't know, disinterested in the Chief/Cally relationship, not because I don't think it's plausible or anything but simply due to the fact that there were always other people and plotlines getting in the way. Somehow, though, I find myself unsurprised that she had a side relationship going. Poor Tyrol, though - he's gone through such a lot in the last few days (weeks? months? I'm never sure of the timeline in this show). I guess Nicky isn't a hybrid after all, which blows the whole Hera/Nicky ship to hell. At least if you're not planning to go AU.

- Speaking of parents - seriously, how adorable are Tigh and Caprica!Six???? *squee* I honestly did not expect to end up liking them as much as I now do, but there you go. I'm kind of surprised at how well Tigh's taking the whole thing, though. Maybe he just figures that after all the shit that's happened to him, nothing else could possibly shock him. I know that would likely be my reaction. ;) I stand by my theory that Six = Ellen, perhaps in some distant past. The comparisons are just too numerous to be ignored. Reminds me, I read a really good Tigh/Six fic a couple months ago, which I should try to find again. Maybe tomorrow.

- LOVED Adama and Zarek at the end. I really feel that was Bill sending a message, of a sort, that he's onto Zarek and he's not going to tolerate him for much longer. He knew exactly what would get him, too. Zarek's always tried to present himself as the ultimate upstanding politician raging against a military that doesn't understand the finer points of democracy, but whatever double-dipping he's been doing - which I can totally see, by the way - and whatever evidence Adama might have or not have, it's a facade that he had to have known he could maintain only for so long. Not that this seems to matter in the end, since after that we segued right into the meeting between Felix and Zarek. Still.

- There was a lot of medical stuff in Show tonight, wasn't there? That's cool, though. I <3 Cottle. :D

- Raise your hand if you thought Laura was going to attempt suicide when it showed her with all those pills in front of her (right before she swept them into the garbage). I know I did.

- The press conference with Adama, Lee and Zarek made Liz the Journalist giggle, since that's how I usually feel when I go to those damn things. Everyone's shouting at once and it's almost impossible to a) make yourself heard over the rabble and b) get any actual material from the interview subjects. That's why my paper tends to avoid them when possible, although sometimes they're the only way to get a story.

- Hey, RDM? Next week I would like more Kara. Much, MUCH more Kara. Plzkthx.

See, Deborah? Only one post. LOL. ;D
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