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4x13: The Oath


- GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW. My girl is back! I loved every single SECOND of Kara in this episode, for sure. She has many facets and qualities, but foremost among them has to be her badassery and that was on ample display tonight. The guns. Shooting the revolutionaries on the hangar deck. Sneaking through the bowels of Galactica with Lee (LEE!!) Conflicting with Adama over the treatment of the Marine prisoner. ALL of it, really. I was literally jumping up and down and cheering practically every time she appeared on the screen because I KNEW she was going to be awesome. I'll admit I'm curious as to how she went from being utterly despondent last week to back to her usual self this week - and I smell fic in my future about that, hehe - but I can totally handwave that because the rest of her actions completely blew me away. THANK YOU RDM FOR GIVING ME MY GIRL BACK!!!!!!!

- MY SHIP!!!! Well, okay, one of them anyway. I realize that as a multishipper I'll probably be disappointed one way or another, but you could also look at it in a glass-half-full perspective and say whatever way things turn out, I'll be happy. That's what I'm choosing to focus on, and this eppy did not disappoint. I was spoiled for the kiss already from pre-season promotions, but I LOVE that it happened when it did. I love that Kara said, "Right now all we've got is you and me." And I love the way he looked at her afterwards, like "YAY, she's back!" Hehe, clearly Lee and I share a wavelength. ;) Tonight's events give me quite a bit of hope for the Kara/Lee ship, and it's good to see RDM hasn't forgotten it for 4.5. Sure was seeming that way for a little while, heh.

- The rebellion. Obviously it was a big part of the episode, and I've got a lot to say about it. Many people in BSG fandom seem to be vilifying Gaeta & Co. for their actions, but I just don't see the justification for that. Maybe it's my propensity for tending to see all sides of an issue showing through, but I do think he has a valid point about the military usurping the government and not allowing the people to make an attempt to get over their animosity towards the Cylons. Of course, the latter is going to take a hell of a long time, as Lee so vividly demonstrated. He believes in the alliance, because of course he was the one to initiate it, but he's right about the fact that all the years of bloodshed and strife won't vanish quickly. They won't, they just won't. There's too much history there and too much mistrust on both sides. That's not to say it can never work, because I believe it can. But it's going to take a pretty strong person, or set of people, to overcome all the difficulties. I just hope Laura is that person.

- The unfortunate thing in all this is that I think Zarek may be playing Gaeta like a violin, just as he did with Lee. Makes me wonder if this whole thing was just an attempt by Zarek to seize power and take advantage of Earth's being a wasteland. If that was his intention, what would he have done if the planet had been habitable? Or - OR - is it possible he knew somehow that Earth was going to be so bad? I still tend to think Ellen as the Final Cylon is some kind of ruse, but even if it isn't, my Spidey senses are telling me that something bigger is going on here. And Zarek may be behind that.

- Adama & Tigh, co-presidents of Asskickers Anonymous. Hehehehe. ;D LOVED that. I didn't think they'd really be going to the brig, although when the Marines led them off I got a bit suspicious. Still, when they attacked them and took control I was like "YES!!" And that ending scene? WHOA.

- And speaking of Asskickers Anonymous, we may have to nominate Laura for Secretary-Treasurer. *grins* As soon as she knew there was a crisis she was all business again, decisive and sure of exactly what needed to be done. I'll admit I figured she would do so anyway, but I definitely wasn't disappointed. :D

- Adama/Roslin!! I'm getting turned on to this ship more and more, partly because it's starting to remind me eerily of another OTP of mine. (Hint: the fandom is Star Wars. Mwahahahaha.) I sense more A/R fic being authored by myself in the future. This episode was definitely good for fic ideas ... not that my muse needs any more of those right now, heh.

- I feel really bad for Helo and Sharon, not to mention Hera and the others being held in captivity with them. They've been caught in the crossfire as innocents, and I foresee trouble in that regard coming soon. Seems like Helo and Sharon have had to put up with such a lot since the show began, and yet they have remained steadfast and devoted to each other and their child. Why do I not ship them more? LOL. On a more serious note, I got chills when the former Pegasus officer addressed Sharon after throwing them in the brig. Fucking chills.

Probably leaving out about five million things, but it's late and I've still got swicontest voting to post. Heh. Discuss away, folks!
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