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Random bullet points are random!

- BSG peeps: if you don't already know, there be a Galactica friending meme over this way! Great chance to add some new folks to your list - I know I'm always glad to have more BSG people to squee with!

- Talking of which, if you're new 'round these parts, welcome! I've added and been added by several people of late, both from the friending meme and elsewhere, and I'm most glad to make your acquaintances! Hopefully you'll be able to stand the insanity, hehe. ;)

- Assignment from hell is finally DONE, which is a huge relief. It was for Women's History and involved reading a supremely boring book and writing a supremely boring response to a supremely boring set of questions. I zoned out through much of the first and second periods of the hockey game to finish it, so those of you who read Bleed Black & Red (all ... 1.5 of you, maybe? LOL) will have to forgive me if my game review's a bit scanty. They played well tonight though, which is one of the reasons I felt justified in only giving it half my attention. So glad to get the assignment off my back, too, so I can hack through the rest of the items on my to-do list. Next up: STUFF FOR OVOC!!!!!!!!! Holy shit, I am so behind on dealing with OVOC. Heh. *facepalm*

- TIS is yet another concern. Despite having at LEAST two or three chapters sitting around on my hard drive, I haven't made Katie's corrections and have certainly neglected to post them. To those of you following the fic, I can only offer my sincere apologies and promises that I'll catch up probably this weekend at the latest. The Assignment from Hell has been eating my brain the past number of days, and my body hasn't really helped either, but I did get some good work done on TIS today, and in all likelihood will probably end up posting five or six chapters at once. Heh.

- I've got a whoooooole buncha links I've been meaning to spam you guys with, but as it's almost ten-thirty and I have to start on Wednesday night's crop of fandom newsletters, I don't think I'll have time tonight. Yet another thing to put off until tomorrow, sigh.

- I'm really impressed with how well you guys did on the Music Meme! When I did it before on my other journal I was used to more blanks than guesses, but as of this posting all but seven songs were guessed correctly! That means there's still a few left, though, so if any of you want to take a second look, feel free. Internet cookies to the first person to guess #12, hehe.
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