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4x14: No Exit



- LOTS of new information this week, whoa. I probably don't have this all straight, but let's see: Ellen and the rest of the Five created the skin jobs. The One True God concept originated with the Centurions and they were promised resurrection in order to pacify them. Skin jobs were imbued with human traits in hopes of ending the cycle of violence between Cylon and human. There was another model, a seventh model, named Daniel (?). Cavil airlocked the Final Five and it's hinted that he had a hand in the decision to attack the Twelve Colonies - if anything, he probably whipped his fellow Cylons into such a murderous frenzy that they thought it was their only option. Simultaneously he developed some kind of procedure to ensure the FF wouldn't retain their memories. So how did Sam get his back? Were they just repressed? And Ellen's came back because she was resurrected? I'm not exactly clear on that part of it.

- Speaking of Ellen, it's looking as though the reveal of her as the Fifth wasn't the red herring I presumed it to be. I'm ... okay with this, I guess, although it seems to me there could have been so much potential for other, more interesting characters. But whatever. This is RDM's show, not mine.

- WAIT A SECOND. WHAT IF THIS "DANIEL" GUY WAS ACTUALLY GAETA????????? OMG THAT JUST OCCURRED TO ME. Or maybe not even Gaeta, but someone else we know! The characters seem to think he "died" or was boxed or otherwise eliminated, but I'm not so sure. I would really not be so surprised if he turned out to have made it to the present. Did the Final Five have the same names when they were originally created as they do now? If not, there could be a LOT of potential for guessing who "Daniel" is supposed to be.

- What's Cavil's relationship to Ellen? I mean, obviously they go waaaaaay back and she seems to think of him as a kind of son, but he obviously doesn't share that view. What is their past (besides, obviously, what we saw on New Caprica - and, uh, EW)?

- And also, why is he acting so vindictively towards her? This surgery thing didn't sound all that great, and I literally stood up and CHEERED when Boomer led Ellen to the Raptor. Who wants to bet they'll jump back into the Fleet next episode? I mean, if they can find them, heh. Wonder what peoples' reaction will be to Boomer being back?

- Time out for shippiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAM/KARA, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! *insert squees of fangirlish delight* From the preview last week it looked like this would be a pretty shippy episode, and it did not disappoint. I have so many fic ideas swirling around my brain right now it's not even FUNNY. Just the way she was by his bedside and fell asleep there and when he woke up he STROKED HER HAIR and all the handholding and groping and GUH. *flails* *flails more* *almost knocks herself out* ;) LOL.

- BUT SAM. OH FRAK OH FRAK THAT ENDING? I AM SHAKING RIGHT NOW. No brain activity, that cannot be good. See, last week I knew from the preview that things were going to be okay and that kind of sustained me through the week because I thought Sam wasn't going to die, but now I am nowhere near sure and it's scaring me, guys, it's really frakking scaring me. The thing about this show - the thing about it that makes it so damn good, but still - is that you never know who's going to die, whose number might be coming up next. And the body count so far this season has been SO high. RDM, IF YOU KILL SAM - WELL, I KNOW I SAID I WANTED A HAPPY ENDING FOR BOTH MY OTPS BUT HONESTLY I JUST WANT ALL OF THEIR MEMBERS TO LIVE MMKAY? REALLY. REALLY, I WILL TAKE SAM AND KARA AND LEE AND BILL AND LAURA JUST ALIVE AND BREATHING AND WITH PROPER AMOUNTS OF BRAIN ACTIVITY. FORGET ABOUT SHIPPINESS. OKAY???????????

- Speaking of Lee and Laura, I guess the Quorum is going to be changing just a little bit! This kind of goes back to something Jamie Bamber was saying in an interview he did on CBC - that he always thought it was weird that the Quorum kept planetary representation after the genocide and didn't simply go for representation based on what vessel people happened to be traveling on. That makes a lot more sense, in my opinion. And Laura's ... what, handing most of her duties over to Lee? She'll still retain the presidency, but most of the grunt work will fall to him. Hmm. I wonder how that will work.

- Lee's "I'll try to be smarter ... and wronger" made me giggle. Hehe. Also, the return of the red shirt! Yay red shirt!

- Was it my imagination or was that brain surgeon the guy who plays PC on the Mac commercials? He looked awfully familiar!

- Galactica is falling apart, oh noes! Well, we kind of got that last week, but still. Turns out it's way more serious than we thought. And is it just me or did that x-ray thingy Chief held up make the side of the ship look kind of organic, like a baseship? I was surprised that Adama wouldn't agree to bringing Cylon technology over at first, especially for something as important as, you know, keeping the battlestar together, but luckily he seems to have shaped up in the end. Bet poor Tyrol was insulted by the whole "I want humans only working on her" comment. :(

- YAY, Chief is Chief again! With Laird gone, after all, who else are they going to put in that position? And I LOVED this little exchange: "But I'm a Cylon." "That right? So's my XO." *grins*

- Tigh and Caprica Six! I heart them so so so much now. :D During the scene in his quarters where they were feeling the baby kick I was just giggling like crazy and then I said to Andrew, "This is so weird ... BUT I LOVE IT!" Again, I got like five thousand more fic ideas, haha.

- Not much Adama/Roslin this week, or even Laura and Bill for that matter. Maybe RDM & Co. figure people have had enough, although I'm sure the hardcore shippers would hotly dispute that statement. ;) So would I, for that matter - they're so damned CUTE together!

- AND NO PREVIEW FOR NEXT WEEK! :( :( No fair, Space Channel. Did you guys watching on Skiffy get one? (And if you did, please, no spoilers. I just ... yeah, I was torn on that, particularly if the preview gave an idea of Sam's fate ... but I think I'll wait. Half the appeal of this show is its surprises, and if they're unpleasant ... well, I guess I'll deal with that when the time comes. Heh.)

PLEASE CAN IT BE NEXT WEEK NOW?????????????????????????????????
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