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4x16: Deadlock

Wow. I really see what was meant by the episode title, heh. And the lack of capslock is by no means an indication that I didn't like this one - just that it seemed really thinky, and gave us a hell of a lot to contemplate.

- I have to admit, this was a really tough episode for me to watch. I'm hesitant to say more in a public episode review, but ... yeah. My good friends will know exactly what I'm talking about. Suffice to say, it brought back some real life stuff which, for the most part, I have tried to put behind me, and which for unrelated reasons I've been thinking a lot about lately. I've heard other people talk about BSG's themes having a similar effect on them, but this is the first time I personally have experienced that. It's awkward. For a show that is inherently escapism, and yet is also undeniably tinged with a distinct aura of our times, I was surprised that it could do that, even though I really shouldn't be. That surprise and the other emotions conjured up combined in a set of feelings that was very uncomfortable for me. Nevertheless, I continued to watch, both because I'm such a fan and because I was perversely amazed that a television show had provoked that reaction in me. I wasn't even planning on talking about any of this, really, but since it will probably colour the rest of my interpretation of this episode, I felt it was important to bring it up.

- I'm honestly not too sure what to think of Ellen. Last week I had thought she made a real leap towards becoming a substantive character with her mind on matters other than drinking and sex, whereas this time around I felt there was a significant amount of backsliding. Of course, this isn't taking into account the very real conflict that she must be experiencing, with regards to Tigh and his relationship with Caprica Six. Despite her assertion that she was willing to forgive any running around Saul had done after her "death," all of that forgiveness seemed to understandably fly out the window once she found out about the baby. I still can't decide if her visiting Caprica alone, and then the argument she staged in front of the others, was meant to be vindictive or not. Taking last week into account I really want to believe that she was being truthful, but hey, it's Ellen. Not having a little vindictiveness would be out of character for her, I think - after all, are we supposed to believe that all it took was a year or so on the baseship for her to be reformed? I, for one, can't, and so perhaps the events of this episode are meant to appease those who say that a total immediate turnaround would be too OOC. Masterful work by the writers, if this is the case.

- Chief and Boomer are so getting back together. ;) Yeah, I know, random comment is random, but whatever. I've always sorta-kinda-in-the-back-of-my-mind shipped them, although of course as a multishipper I also enjoy Tyrol/Cally. Just the way he looked at her - and the way she looked back! - and the look on his face when Kara talked about watching Sam while he was asleep leads me to believe that an old flame has been reignited. We can only hope!

- SAM!!!! Last week I was capslocking out of abject fear, but this week it is most decidedly joy. He actually opened his eyes, just a little! And the heart monitor picked up! And Kara's still sort of freaking out about him, which gives me hope for my ship! Considering that in my last episode review I was freaking out that he might be dead, this is a definite improvement. LOL. SAM/KARA!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Ooh, can't believe I haven't talked about Girlfriend yet! I told y'all this episode did weird things to my brain. ;) Now granted, we didn't see her all that much, but from what we did see, she's still the same old Kara. Drowning her sorrows in the bottom of a glass and displaying that patented snark that's one of the things I love so much about her. She seems to be carrying the bullet around now, which is interesting. (More proof/points for your Kara/Sam chart, ivanolix!) And the fact that she's been sitting by Sam's bedside, even though he wasn't awake, makes my shipper heart happy. It's too bad she didn't seem to be there when he started to wake up, although hell, what do I know? Maybe she was! And maybe Liz!brain is getting fic ideas, oh dear.

- Cylons vs. humans. Yes, Virginia, the divisions are still there. That couldn't have been made clearer by the Six and the Eight trying to convince the Final Five to come with them on the baseship and start anew. Clearly they don't trust the humans, and if I recall correctly that was part of the original agreement anyway - or did that all get wiped out in the amnesty? Ugh, I don't remember. Time for a rewatch! Anyhow, I'm not surprised the issue ended up being as divisive as it was. Tory seems to be continuing to feel more of a kinship with Cylons than with humans, and I have to wonder about her lightning-fast change of allegiances. I hope that will be explained at some point. And what about Chief? What are his motivations behind feeling the same way?

- I cried when Caprica lost the baby, and then again at the end when Saul visited Bill. And that's all I can comfortably say about that plot point right now.

- What's going through Baltar's mind? Is he actually genuinely undergoing a transformation or is it all more self-preservation at work? I'm sort of inclined to believe the former because when he was talking to Head Six he admitted "feeling good" when handing out the food, and while that's something he might say out loud if he were simply trying to make a good impression, why would he lie to Six? Have there been instances in the past of him lying to her? I can't think of any right off the top of my head, but feel free to correct me.

- Glad to see that Head Six is back, and that someone in Baltar's harem finally grew some semblance of a spine. Even if it was sort of for the wrong (ethical) reasons.

- Am I the only person who thought, when that woman introduced her little boy as Gaius ("after his father") that maybe Baltar was that father? You never know how much he's gotten around ... ;)

- Hopefully that new stuff they're putting in Galactica's cracks will help. It sounds logical and all, but are they going to find every single crack on the ship and patch it? Seems to me that this particular situation was introduced for a reason, and they wouldn't have bothered if there was a quick-and-dirty solution. But I could be wrong. I HOPE I'm wrong.

- Dearth of Laura in this eppy. I guess I shouldn't complain, though, given that she featured a lot in the early episodes and they can't cram every single character into every single episode and give them heaps to do every time. Still, I'd like to see more of her, and of course more Adama/Roslin.

I think that's about all I've got right now. If more meta comes, it will likely be friends-locked. Sorry, passersby. :(

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