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Musings on To Ignite the Stars, Reviews, and Padmé

There is nothing, nothing I tell you, sweeter in this world than premiering a piece of writing you've poured your heart and soul into and agonized over for three weeks, and having it earn rave reviews and two Reader's Choice selections within half a day of it being posted.

Well, except maybe for the Ottawa Senators one day winning the Stanley Cup. But in absence of that, I'll settle for the above. XD

My new fic, the one I've been babbling about in this journal and in senatorsfan since I was visited by its plotbunny, is now on display at the Obidala Fan Forum's second-anniversary celebrations. I've decided to call it To Ignite The Stars, after this quote from Matthew Stover's Revenge of the Sith novelization:

The dark is generous, and it is patient, and it always wins – but in the heart of its strength lies weakness: one lone candle is enough to hold it back.

Love is more than a candle.

Love can ignite the stars.

I won't say much more here, the onus is currently on you folks to click over there and check it out if you wish. ^_^ However, I will likely be posting Chapters 1 and 2 to this journal tonight, so you could always wait for that. Chapter 3 was just sent off to my beta for reviewing, but all chapters of this fic will go to the Obidala Fan Forum before they're posted here, the reason being that I've promised the rite of first posting to the Forum. So, expect Chapter 3 tomorrow or the next day.

To Ignite the Stars, in its entirety, is really the natural progression of my first roleplaying journal, naboosenator. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, naboosenator is approaching its first anniversary on June 17. That journal was originally intended just for me, as a way of further exploring this strange new fandom known as Star Wars that I'd suddenly found myself obsessed with. I've always had a penchant for wanting to get right inside characters' heads, figure out what they were thinking and feeling at any given time. In all my fandoms, I have my favourite character, the character that I'm most apt to write and follow. With Harry Potter it's Hermione Granger, with Six Feet Under it's Claire Fisher. And with Star Wars, it's Padmé Amidala.

So thus, naboosenator was born. As I said, it was mainly for me at first. Then my best friend Katie got involved, and converted me to Obidala. The rest, goes the old overused cliche, is history. The concept of me as an Obidala shipper was born, the concept of me as a roleplayer was born, the concept of me as a fanfic writer was born, and finally, the concept of To Ignite the Stars was born. I really do owe so much to naboosenator. It has grown far beyond its origins, and although I don't update it nearly as much as I used to, I owe it many thanks.

I also owe many thanks to my muse for attaching itself so firmly to the character of Padmé Amidala. Padmé, you see, is such an interesting character to write. For me at any rate. She's been criticized by some for playing the "damsel in distress" role to the hilt in Episode III, but that movie doesn't portray her true self in my opinion. Much of Padmé's true role and action in Revenge of the Sith wound up on the cutting room floor, and can be seen in the deleted scenes. There, she is revealed to be one of the main catalysts of the Rebel Alliance which, as we all know, eventually succeeds in toppling the Galactic Empire. Damsel in distress? Nope, don't think so!

To Ignite the Stars will not only pair Padmé with Obi-Wan, but will also give her back that active role that she was never allowed to have in Episode III. While each chapter of the fic will focus on either Padmé, Obi-Wan or Anakin, you'll find most of the chapters feature at least a section from Padmé's point of view. For me, writing is easiest and most fun when I'm writing as Padmé. She'll always be my favourite character, even over and above Obi-Wan.

And the fact that each chapter begins or ends with a diary entry from one of the characters? That's a tribute to the origins of To Ignite the Stars in naboosenator, which is, after all, a diary. It's also a chance for me to stretch myself as a writer, because so much of my fanfiction is written in third person. I'm not exactly sure why that is, but I'd like to change it. Hence, the diary entries.

Finally, about reviews. I have to say, I honestly did not expect such a positive response from the Obidala Fan Forum. The praise and accolades the first two chapters of To Ignite the Stars have garnered are touching. Having readers express their delights, tell me I have "captured the characters perfectly," exclaim over "a wonderful start," and say that they were "crestfallen to see that there was not another chapter to continue reading" (all real reviews copied word-for-word from the Forum) is just so uplifting and amazing. It's one thing to think something you've written is halfway good -- which I certainly do about this fic -- but having your own opinions and level of delight with your writing echoed and even surpassed by others is something else entirely.

Reviews such as those feed my soul, nourish my muse and most importantly, spur me on to continue writing! After logging on and reading those reviews I opened the Word document where I'm keeping my To Ignite the Stars chapters and dashed off most of Chapter 3, mostly on the swell of excitement generated. I'm about to send it off to my beta reader now, and I can't wait to share it and future chapters with you.
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