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4x17: Someone To Watch Over Me



- KARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KARA KARA KARA KARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, I loooooooved tonight. *GRINS* As evidenced by the crazy abuse of capslock, haha. Of course, she wasn't the sole focus of this episode, but she got a hell of a lot of screentime and I was so pleased with that. We learned a little more about her background, specifically her relationship with her father, and as always that raises a whole boatload of other questions. Is her father Daniel? (I maintain this is the case, despite the fact that the names don't match.) He apparently composed the "Watchtower" song - at least in the BSG 'verse - which lends credence to the Daniel-as-dad theory. She also seemed to imply that her father left because Socrata complained about his piano playing, which definitely sounds like something that woman would have done. Not that this totally absolves him of blame, but still.

- I loved my girl's interaction with the piano player, although I did wonder - was that Bear McCreary? Probably not, but I only ask that because he apparently had a cameo last week. The piano itself served as a lovely way of initiating dialogue between Kara and the player, as well as allowing various facts to make their way out. Kara playing the piano was AWESOME, I loved it. (Well, duh. Haha.)

- I have so many fic ideas swirling around my brain right now it's not even funny. And yeah, I know I say that every week but SERIOUSLY.

- Raise your hand if you were drooling during the little preview thing-y with Kara showering. Gods, I know I was.

- Speaking of that beginning sequence, it really served to reinforce how awfully boring and monotonous life must be for the Fleet at the moment. The speech my Girlfriend gave seemed like one she had given many, many times before, and let's face it, she probably had. It looked like she'd totally memorized it. How horrible for them all, to be just drifting around seemingly without a purpose or goal except finding a habitable planet. The chances for that must be extraordinarily low.

- What the heck is Kara's connection to the Watchtower song? For that matter, how is she connected to Hera? Hera seemed to specifically want her to have the picture, so obviously the kid knew on maybe a subconscious level. I gasped out loud when she placed the papers side by side and they were shown to match. HERA IS THE ONE TRUE GOD, Y/Y? DISCUSS.

- And it seems like everybody wants her. I shouldn't have been surprised with Boomer's actions, but ... sheesh, I was. Maybe it goes back to my penchant for wanting to usually believe the best of people, but I got totally sucked in. And now she's taking Hera to Cavil. Why? Because she's a hybrid child? Or for some other purpose? For that matter, did she even get to where she was going? It looked like part of the Raptor was on fire, and we were not shown that she actually arrived at her destination.

- Poor, poor Athena. Gods. >.> She and Helo may possibly be the most un-fucked-up couple aboard the ship - well, except for maybe Bill and Laura - but it seems like they've sure had to put up with an awful lot. One thing's for sure, shooting Natalie now appears to have been rather pointless. As is usually the case in real life, the threat came from an entirely different and previously unsuspected source.

- Poor Chief, too. He's practically a charter member of the "got screwed over five million times and lived to tell the tale," and this will not help. He was just trying to do the honest thing, the nice thing, but shit, it didn't matter. I'm surprised he hasn't gone completely nuts.

- I could have done without Tigh mentioning what he saw of the baby, though. Ugh.

- Why did Laura pass out at the end? I assume it has to do with the visions that she's been sharing with Caprica, and I also assume it's just ... passing out. As opposed to something worse, something that I would really prefer not to think about. >.> Will we get more about the opera house and suchlike next week?

- Galactica. Our ship done broke. :( :( :( It's kinda better than I expected, in a way, because from the promos last week it looked like the ship had blown up or something. That didn't quite happen, but it still looks pretty bad. Boomer knows where the Fleet is now, so what if she brings Cavil back there? If Galactica can't jump, which it seems like maybe it can't, that would really not be good. Really really really.

- Okay, returning to my Girlfriend for a bit, hehe. (You know I couldn't put that off for long!) She was so interesting in this eppy. It's an open, really personal side of her that we haven't gotten to see before, which was awesome. While a certain amount of the "old" Kara remains, she also has the "new" qualities which she gained after her reappearance. She's more introspective, shows her emotions a little more easily, and confides more in people. Before her "death," I really couldn't have seen her opening up to the piano player the way she did, but now it almost seems in character. Coupled with the fact that she's undoubtedly feeling pretty desperate right now, I don't think it was unusual at all for her to act the way she did. Kudos to Katee Sackhoff for her awesome acting!

- Kara/Sam. OUR SHIP HAS HOPE!!!! I mean, at the end of the episode she was lying in bed with him with her HEAD on his CHEST!!!!!!! That, my friends, is hope. Though apparently Sam's renewed brain activity hasn't translated into an actual awakening yet? This be not good.

- When are we going to find out what is up with her, though? Not that it matters to me - I mean, I'd take Kara bald and bearded so long as she was actually THERE on the show - but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't damned curious. I was sure a big reveal was coming this week, due to the episode preview and a (non-spoilery) post on battlestar_blog, but apparently not. Ah well. Maybe next week. ;)

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