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4x18: Islanded In A Stream Of Stars

You know, I would almost say that this episode is the perfect way to end off the series. Obviously they're not going to do that, as we've still got - what, one more single episode and then a double? But still. I think it struck me for the first time tonight that this show is actually going to end. And that's sad.

- GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!! So, um, do we actually know what she is now? An ... angel? Kinda close to what I thought, but whatever. I suppose it depends on how much one is willing to believe Baltar. Kara wouldn't at first, and it was great to see her return to form by smacking him, but at the end she seemed to accept it. She's always been portrayed as a deeply religious person, and so I suppose it would be easier for her than for someone who has eschewed religion all their lives. But how is she connected to everything else that's going on? The song, Hera, Sam, et cetera. Those answers seem to be still to come, which is okay - I don't mind not finding out everything at once. Truth be told the explanation seemed kind of anti-climactic to me ... there's been so much rampant speculation though that maybe any explanation might have seemed that way. We'll see, I guess?

- Kara/Lee!!!! Thank you, Ron, for not forgetting about The Other OTP! It's not that I haven't appreciated your focus on Kara/Sam the last few weeks - I totally have! - but in order to get my ficcish inspiration back, I needed, well, scenes like tonight's. And now I want MORE, haha. ;) I do really like how their relationship seems to have matured from the trainwreck that it previously was to a more mature, trusting kind of love. The trainwreck can be fun to watch in a car-accident-can't-look-away sort of manner, but eventually all the potential for that gets explored and the couple either destroys each other or begins to move on. Kara and Lee kind of did destroy each other, so I'm glad they've reached the moving on stage. :) And ... I might - might - have a fic idea. MIGHT.

- Kara/Sam!!! I love how she kept referring to him as her husband throughout tonight. She most definitely still loves him, enough that she was apparently willing to put him out of what she saw as his misery before he grabbed her hand and stopped her. Did he do that consciously? Is it in a Hybrid's nature to react defensively when its life is threatened? Her pointing the gun at him also seemed to wake him up, so how is that all related? And at the end, does she actually expect him to tell her what the song means? I don't know, Girlfriend - my sense is you could be sitting there for a very long time. But we'll see.

- Adama/Roslin!!! Pot-smoking in sickbay FTW, hehehehehehe! I ship it. Ohhhhhh yes I ship it. And I loved the reference back to New Caprica - although I was just waiting for her to reveal that they'd made love that night! Too bad she didn't, but maybe it's inferred. ;)

- Galactica. Oh, our poor, poor ship. She was at the end of her life before the original Cylon attacks, and she deserved nothing more than a good long rest and people visiting her as a museum. But instead she had to pick right back up and keep going, through gods only know how many jumps - more than were probably advisable, anyway - through numerous Cylon attacks, the exodus from New Caprica, the nebula fight ... I could go on and on. As sad as I am to see her go - and I'm very, VERY sad - I do think she deserves a nice afterlife with folks worshipping at her feet. Godspeed, old girl. We're going to miss you.

- Hera and Boomer. Now there was some interesting interaction. It basically confirmed my theory that Boomer is not in fact evil, and that she may even be working under coercion or threat. The tears on her cheeks at the end were not designed expressly to manipulate anyone, as Hera was already out of view at that point and there was no one else around. She seemed to be genuinely feeling something. Same with the projection in the Raptor. Why would Boomer make an emotional connection with Hera, even accidentally, if she simply viewed her as a package to be delivered? No reason that I can think of. I don't believe we've seen the last of her journey yet.

- Why would the dying Eight in sickbay know the words to that song? Judging from the look on Tigh's face, he didn't understand it either. But it was sweet that she wanted to see her "father" before she died.

- The opera house. Are we ever going to get told what this means, what the weird connection is between Hera, Athena, Laura and Caprica Six (and Kara, for that matter)? This I would like to know, as it's been bugging me since S3 when they introduced it.

- I guess Baltar/Caprica Six is over now, hey? Too bad, I rather liked them. >.> I understand why she wouldn't want to give him the time of day anymore, though, to be perfectly honest. She's admitted herself that he's pretty self-centred, and she did make the point that she has moved on and grown and changed, while he, despite outside appearances, has not. The line about her having no desire to be part of his harem made me laugh out loud in real life!

- I laughed too at the scene between Girlfriend and Baltar in the washroom, mostly because of the expressions on his face. James Callis does befuddled so very well, hehehe. I loved their little chat, too.

- It was also nice to see Baltar doing science again! I've missed that!

- In the preview, the scene between Adama and Helo pissed me off, big-time. But it goes to show how important context is. I didn't know when I watched it that Bill had already sent out a recon mission - from the preview it seemed like he hadn't done anything at all, but to be perfectly honest, what more COULD he do? He has to think about the welfare of the ship and the fleet as well, and he may not realize just how important Hera may be. Quite frankly, I don't think any of them do. But it wasn't the cold dismissal that the preview portrayed it to be.

- I still feel SO bad for Helo, though. I actually cried over the aforementioned preview. Now, granted, that may be for OTHER reasons, but still. The guy's been through much, put up with so much shit, and he has to take MORE? Poor, poor Helo. *snugs him*

- Poor Athena too. UGH, they get such a raw deal. *cried at that scene too*

- The ending scene, as I alluded to in my introduction, could almost have been the perfect way to end off, in my opinion. Many - not all, but many - of the major dilemmas have been resolved, and we've got the Bromance Brothers sitting together as always contemplating their fate and the ship's fate. Seems like we've come full circle.

- All of the above being said, I didn't like this episode as much as I did last week's. I don't know whether there's something off about me, but ... I just wasn't feeling it. It was good and all, but did not hold as much of an emotional punch in my opinion. Still, I'm looking very forward to next week!

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