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4x19: Daybreak, Part 1

Guys, I thought I was ready for this. I thought I was ready to see the beginning of the end. I thought I was mentally and emotionally prepared, I really did.

I'm not.

FUCK, I'm not. *sobs*

- The flashbacks. Oh GODS I loved the flashbacks. I was kind of all "Whaaaaa ...?" at first, but it was absolutely amazing to see the characters as they were before the attacks, and to learn more about them. Watching Laura with her sisters and Baltar with his father somehow made them more human, brought them down to a level on which we can further relate to them and comprehend them. And Kara and Lee, and Zak ... that was AWESOME. Seriously awesome. So heartbreaking of course, because you know exactly what's going to happen, but nevertheless it was such a poignant moment. Lee stumbling into what I assume is his apartment, drunk as a skunk, finding a bird that's taken up residence there, was similar. I suspect that was soon after Zak's death, because he seemed to be having a complete breakdown. And really, how cool is it that Zak is finally being brought back into the show, after RDM seemingly forgot about him after Season 1? I really really hope they follow up on that.

- The rescue mission. I had originally thought Helo would just be reckless and take a Raptor out on his own, but of course he's probably far too respectful of regulations to do that. Nope, they're all going out on their own on what I'm almost positive will be a suicide mission. I'm also convinced that the Galactica herself will crash into the basestar, possibly in a kamikaze move as per Hera's suppositions. One thing I was kinda confused about though - if it's a rescue mission, how can Adama say that they won't be coming back? Surely one of them has to, in order to get Hera back to the fleet safely if indeed that happens. Probably this will be Helo. I wonder, did Athena drag herself out of their quarters long enough to volunteer? I'd be surprised if she didn't, although she seemed pretty despondent in this episode.

- The ending scene on the hangar deck was a tad clichéd and has probably been done a bazillion times in various movies and shows, but I guess I can handwave it. Most of the people I expected to volunteer did, and I honestly was not shocked at all that Baltar didn't go across. It set up an interesting dichotomy with him and Caprica Six, though.

- Kara supporting Laura at the end? LOVED IT. Holy frak. :D

- Girlfriend!!! It must have been amazing for her to hear Bill say, straight out, "You're my daughter." What a wonderful symbol of the relationship she has built with the Adama family. And a wonderful boost to her personal psyche, too, since it tells her: you are loved. You are wanted. And that love is unconditional. It won't be snatched away when she does something wrong or used to manipulate her. She seems to have completely accepted the explanation behind her death, as well. One thing I'm interested in seeing is whether there will be any flashbacks from her point of view. We've got Lee and Kara's first meeting (which I'll discuss below) from Lee's POV, but what would Kara choose to remember? I do hope we get a Kara!flashback, and not just 'cause she's my Girlfriend. Hahaha. ;)

- Lee/Kara!!!!!!! I stand by what I said in this post, even moreso than I did when I was actually typing it up. They are BSG's endgame, folks (much as the part of me that ships Kara/Sam cries at that thought). For frak's sake, even Baltar can see that. Just the way they were together, on either side of Adama at the end, confirmed it for me. We will get some kind of resolution next week, mark my words.

- Being the multishipper that I am, I would also like a resolution for Kara/Sam, but I'm less hopeful that that will happen. Ah well. A girl can dream. ;)

- On the subject of nitpicks, I find it really weird - and unrealistic - that Nicky would be so comfortable with Hot Dog, and vice versa, while Tyrol seems to have vanished completely from his life. Nicky and Hot Dog can't possibly have spent that much time together, and to a kid that young, "Daddy" is not going to be "biological daddy" but rather "guy who fed me and rocked me and put me to sleep and read me stories and paced around thinking about killing himself while I listened to Baltar's broadcasts." And that guy is Tyrol. There's just no getting around that. While I am usually able to handwave little issues of continuity, with this I just don't feel that I can. I know too much about kids and have spent too much time around little kids for it to be otherwise.

- Boomer continues to slant back to the side of "not-evil" which I was very pleased to see!

- I cried at the shots of Adama packing up his quarters. I'm not ashamed to admit that.

- It was also shocking to me, though it really shouldn't have been, how far downhill Laura has gone. When we last saw her she was confident, independent, still making decisions for herself and seeming in control. Now she can barely walk or stand up without assistance. :(

- Oh well, at least if everything goes to hell in a handbasket, Cottle will survive. LOL.

- I'm surprised by how ... little I have to say about this episode, actually. I feel like there should be more, but I honestly can't think of anything else right now. Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow with some brilliant insight, heh. (Or more likely not.)

All I know is that suddenly, for whatever reason, writing my AU longfic - which I have tentatively decided to call Insanity Underrated - seems exponentially more important now. I can't say why. But dammit, it's something I've got to do.

Maybe it's like my own memorial to the show.
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