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Happy Birthday, lumy12!

Happy happy birthday to my dear Wendy/lumy12/luminations! *tosses confetti*

As I recall, we first met through that old Padmé journal I used to keep and roleplay on with Katie (which I won't even look at now because the writing and RPing were so outlandish and OOC, heh) and you were one of my very first - if not THE very first - Star Wars friends. Now we can share our squee over Anakin/Padmé, our strong dislike (haha) of Dormékin shippers and our love of cute kitty-cats! And you are the only person for whom I would ever consider writing the other A/P, as in Anakin/Palpatine. ;)

Now I've given you that tantalizing tidbit ... hope you have an amazing, awesome day! *hugs*

Also, Happy St. Patrick's Day to the f-list! I will alas not be getting plastered - for various reasons - but I wish a wonderful time on those of you who are celebrating! :D
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