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Works in Progress

I'm bored and lazy today, so you get a meme. An oooooold meme at that.

Swiped from emavalexis and GOD KNOWS how many other people.

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!

1) He knew that his son was in all probability speaking of a feeling he had got through his bond, but every so often Obi-Wan still resented that Luke should even be able to feel things like that.

2) Their expectations were different, that much was clear, and in a way she was right: until the frat regs were repealed, if that ever happened, he was permitted to treat Kara only as a quick lay, and nothing more.

3) Every night Kara looks at the stars, and every night she cannot help but see Lee’s face, outlined in a thousand sparkles, reminding her of the pain she inflicted.

4) Sam stands frozen to the spot — Sharon must feel like she has her arms around a statue — and tries to come to terms with the fact that he is hugging a Cylon, and not only that, hugging someone whom he sees every day, into whose cold eyes he has gazed, wondering … wondering if she’s seen Kara, wondering if she would tell him if she had, wondering what would happen if he simply lashed out and killed her, right there on the street.

5) I cannot quite grasp that I am in this situation, with this person, but when Palpatine leans down to kiss me and I hear my name on his lips (Anakin, Anakin, oh), the incongruity melts away.

6) Whether she is an apparition, a wishful imagining or his own personal dark angel, Lee does not care — she is Kara, and she is back, and nothing else matters but her touch.

7) Obi-Wan sounded sleepy now as he murmured, “Padmé … the most you need to know at this moment is that … that loving you … our friendship, our relationship … kept me alive — that’s one of the only reasons that I didn’t … die, and leave you to wonder what had happened for an eternity.”

8) Obi-Wan darted into the room almost as soon as the door slid aside, and moments after that he had wrapped her in an embrace, squeezing tightly, desperately.

9) To Shmi’s surprise, a small smile is spreading across Jira’s face as she murmurs, “Perhaps you’re going to have a baby.”

10) “All right,” Padmé whispers, and sensing correctly that they have reached a point of no return, she grasps Anakin’s hand and allows him to lead her from the room.

11) As Anakin aged, Shmi found that her only source of joy lay in him — she loved to watch him grow and develop from a young child to an older youth, and to nourish the sense of generosity and kindness that seemed to come naturally to her son.

12) Cradled in Anakin’s arms, his bloodied cheek pressed to the black synthleather, Obi-Wan could finally — finally — begin to forget.

13) Meditating is always something you’ve enjoyed, and while you don’t relish being alone in the desert with just your thoughts, having Padme there will help immeasurably (even if she isn’t speaking to you).

I apparently have way more works-in-progress than I thought. Heh. Then again, once I started digging around my hard drive for parts of half-finished and half-remembered fics, I turned up quite a few. Some of them will definitely be completed at some point, while others I'm not so sure about. Some are waiting in the wings for me to finish other major projects, and they'll then get their turn. In any case, you guys should see if you can guess what they're from!

Priorities for today include finishing up the revisions to my Women's History paper (and sending it on to noobianrose, who has very kindly agreed to look over it before the resubmission deadline!), dealing with stillness community stuff, figuring out once and for all whether I do want to change my layout, and posting SOMETHING resembling fic. I've delayed that last thing far too long, I think.
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